Retrieved March 8, The crew recall their most frightening investigations of paranormal activity at various hospitals, sanitariums and asylums where violent deaths, mistreatment and abuse took place. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Season 12 Episodes GAC get locked down in one of the most historic and notoriously haunted prisons in the world, the infamous Alcatraz , the “Evil Island”. Savannah, Georgia , US. Kansas City, Missouri , US. But conflict arises at their second lockdown when they find the Ritz Hotel under construction.

Retrieved March 28, GAC travel to Prescott, Arizona for their lockdown at the Palace Saloon, one of the most lavish saloons in Arizona, to search for spirits that died in high-stakes gambling related murders, and to make contact with a malevolent entity in the basement that attacks women. Goldfield, Nevada , US. Zak and the crew investigate strange phenomena at the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. Add the first question. You can find them on here.

They probe for demonic paranormal activity with fellow investigator and Darkness on The Edge of Town radio host Dave Schrader who experienced a dark entitiy that came out from under the stairs down in the basement. Oh yeah true, they might be taking another mid-season break.

It’s been plagued with dark presences that want to hide the studio’s secrets tied to its past of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Season 14 Episodes GAC return to Virginia City, Nevada to investigate the Mackay Mansion, where it is believed to be haunted by the spirits of families who died on the property throughout the time of the Comstock Lode.

Retrieved April 11, Lastly, the guys meet up for their lockdown in Hunedoara Castleknown as Dracula’s Castle where he was batle. First, the Argonaut, which was the site of a fire that killed 47 miners.

I still haven’t found a link to the Extra Pulses: GAC heads to Yorktown, Texasto investigate the town’s old hospital, where it is claimed that as many as 2, people died. Adventurea takes particular interest in a ‘cursed chair’ that’s haunted by family member, William Brookes, the son-in-law of original owner John Zalud, was murdered while sitting in it, and now it affects visitors who sit in it.


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Kaysville, UtahUS. Zak, Nick, and Aaron help Gary Galka, the man who designs and builds GAC’s paranormal equipment, and his family find closure 7 years after the tragic loss of their young daughter, Melissa who was killed in a car accident when her car ran into a tree while driving home from a party in the middle of the night on a local road Silver Street in Granby, Connecticut.

The now decrepit buildings were once used to punish nuns who had broken their vows, including a nun who got pregnant, and committed suicide after the Mother drowned her baby in the swimming pool. San Antonio, TexasUS. The crew heads to Savannah, Georgiapurported to be one of the country’s most haunted cities to investigate claims of paranormal activity at the Moon River Brewing Company.

Zak and the crew investigate strange phenomena at the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. Field Hospitals, from an earlier season.

Offer Young Taro Leaves To Junior is torn between his duties as a member of Five-0 and his feelings for his former girlfriend when her new love, the father of her son, is one It turned into a ” hell house ” as paranormal events forced them to leave, leaving GAC to communicate with the spirits to understand why they’re haunting the house. Retrieved October 18, GAC investigate Nonna’s Pizzaa family-owned pizzeria in Magna, Utahwhere an evil witch used witchcraft to cast a spell that has the family fearing for their safety.

GAC gets locked down at the Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins, Wyomingwhere tortured souls still remain incarcerated for their crimes they committed in life and are now serving in death for all eternity. GAC get locked down in one of the most historic and notoriously haunted prisons in the world, the infamous Alcatrazthe “Evil Island”. Season 8 Episode 12 – Romania: In addition with a slew of disturbing energies and capture a horrifying EVP.


GAC go to the Old Alton Bridge to discover a history of Satan worship and speak with four women who claim they were physically attacked by a demonic entity. Bel-Nor, MissouriUS. Mineral Wells, TexasUS.


The crew returns to Goldfield, Nevada to investigate two locations, the Nixon Building and the Santa Fe Saloon, but receive the chance to reinvestigate the Goldfield Hotel once more, a site they first investigated six years earlier. The crew visits Execution Rocks Lighthousea deserted lighthouse with a history of murder, fires, and shipwrecks located in New York’s Long Island Sound. Carmel, IndianaUS. The GAC heads to Natchez, Mississippi to investigate the claims of hauntings at the King’s Tavernone of the oldest buildings in the state.

El Paso, Texas ghoat, US. Port Townsend, WashingtonUS. So, they add the historical society and a former abortion clinic to the night’s lockdown. I don’t know the exact schedule, but the episode where they choose the fan to go on the lockdown with them is said to premier on October 31, via the contest rules.

Apache Junction, ArizonaUS.

Ghost Adventures S08E11 – Battle of Perryville, Field Hospital

Field Hospitals The ancient Celts believed that Halloween was the time when the veil between the world of the living and world of the dead was at its thinnest. Retrieved July 3, In the second half of the two-part special, Bagans invites three lucky fans to the museum to further investigate the dark entities.

While at Zak’s house in his “dungeon” room, the Ghost Adventures Crew recall some of their spookiest encounters during their season 5 lockdowns in various haunted hotels and hospitals in their travels across the country.