So we can go home together. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. I wanted to talk to you as soon as possible. But you’re in a wrong path. I will reveal the documents myself. I heated them up for you. We’ll push him out of the company as well, and all will be good.

I even went to talk to my ex-mother-in-law to get her permission. I’ll buy you the biggest house, promise. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: I kept patient, and waited until I got these before I come here to talk to you. Let’s change your clothes too. I am not dealing with those issues.

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She cut that bit out and threw it away. I am a hundred percent sure. I am not dealing with subtitlew issues. This is a peaceful town. We talked about this before mom. What did my son do?


I told Rahmi briefly about it. He changed so much I was overjoyed to see them struggle before the prosecutor like that. He went there and saw his dad’s car rising clouds of dusts as it came closer.

Connect to YouTube No thanks. Something is going on and you are not telling me.

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She didn’t want to marry him. Tell us who did this to you, so that he’ll get his punishment. He couldn’t wait to get out of her mom’s tummy. There was some left overs from yesterday. It’s not the right time for amarx. So feel free to think as you wish.

We will receive our advance payment today. Just don’t make my sister cry again. If you head out now, I’m sure you’ll see many subtitle till you get home.

He should have gone there instead. But I have to. What happened that night? Everyone is in the queue to help her.


If he missed the flight then he must be on his way by bus. What are you doing, you moron! How did that man get into the house though? Kerim is having a “trust” problem.

What crime did he commit? Maybe she’s gone without the car. As long as Kerim works here. Did something happen, yenge?

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She might be still sleeping. Your family is concerned about you as well. And ran into the bathroom.

The work is waiting for you here. Your auntie or your poor brother?