Jin-hee broods on the couch until her mom joins her. It seems like today we, as fans, are demanding that television be rooted too firmly in reality. LPM is becoming a hot ajusshi! Logically, we all knew that our lead couple had some happy times before things all went to hell in a handbasket. When Chun-soo encourages Chang-min to hold firmly onto Jin-hee, Chang-min cuts him off. When he walks past without acknowledging her, she seems stunned to find her heart racing. That would get tedious very quickly and I would care less about the characters. When she says yes, he tells her that she should be able to catch up with Chang-min in the parking lot.

Thank you and its greatly appreciated! Chief will then take on a job offer in the U. Plus I don’t have that much time. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I find Yonggyu and Ahreum so cute. Anyway, can’t wait for the next ep!

But somehow, the scene when she overheard the conversation between Prof Shim and Chief and then suddenly dropped her cell phone. My poor Chief Gook. Despite this, Chang-min comes home to find her still sitting outside, fast asleep.

I can deal with doom and gloom 5 days out the week.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Their relationship is forced since we’re short away from the finale.

Coolrepublica March 29, at I wanna see him smile and never sib the sad face anymore. Of course her heart will be pounding, she’s been running a flight of stairs!


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I don’t really think they solved their problems from their divorce. I am rooting for all the other couples though. In the emergency room, Jin-hee examines the chest x-rays of her latest patient, an elderly grandma suffering from pneumonia.

I’m certainly agree with you.

He points out that she helped him after all, and gets up to leave. It could have been so good! Any “worth” that emg suddenly realised now would have been from their time they have spent together as interns.

I’m not happy about the way this is going to end. She is now free to re-evaluate her past with Chang-min with a balanced perspective and to weigh realistically the potential advantages and drawbacks of a possible new future with him.

He never really actively went after JH. The only positive thing was Song Ji Emergeny. Actually, I think Dr. I guess it is a matter of taste. CrazyKaleidoscopic March 30, at 3: She asks him about the fortune cookies that she made for emergendy Episodes by LollyPip. I know, I know. Like someone above write dearly It has now become cliche, predictable, and forced. It just seems like this show is wrapping up things in some really bizarre ways. As for the Chief, JH first caught his attention because of her mistakes but also epiaode her earnestness as an intern and saw her as a mentee.


On with the drama, I love that Jin Hee is finally realizing her feelings for Chang Min, but its sad that he’s holding back. And for anyone who is sug for ep 19, Dramafire.

Emergency Couple

It has now become cliche, predictable, and forced. Because choi jin hyuk’s smile is priceless. And I have to agree with all the observations.

He takes out a postcard and starts to write to his father. All said, I am in law school and work in a fairly intense area. Gook tearing up when he realizes that Jin Hee is looking for Chang Min, I could feel his heart break. As a longtime viewer Its more fun discussing k-drama compared to case assignments. I have to agree with what others are saying, it feels like they’re forcing the leads to be together.

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