Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The idea that a past life has the power to manipulate the legacy of another is chilling yet unlikely. It tells the story of Osarugue Rita Dominic a married Secondary school English teacher in the 80’s who is in love with a crown prince of Benin Kingdom Azuwa Joseph Benjamin but it is forbidden for she already belongs to another man Osas Yemi Blaq. Custom dictates otherwise though and he is expected to marry a princess from a neighboring Yoruba kingdom Okawa Shaznay. This leads her to curse them in her lifetime and several other lifetimes if by any chance they reincarnate. One of the virgins, Amenze Okawa Shaznay , broke the law and lost her virginity to a prince. Employing a series of time shifts, flash backs and forward cuts, Rajah Arase juggles multiple story arcs in the air at the same time, zig-zagging through time and space.

I would really like for filmmakers who are of other tribes displaying their rich culture and its entirety for us to see. She was a schoolteacher and well versed in history. She and Jackie are both so beautiful. My two cents …just here to support thx. Olympic Games part 3: It was often confusing and jumped around too much without explanation as it awkwardly flipped between the past and present. The creative union between Frank Rajah Arase, the Nigerian born director and Abdul Salam Mumuni, head of Venus, a production company headquartered in Ghana can be widely credited with reigniting the contemporary Ghollywood culture. I and many of us who went to watch loved this movie.

It was about a woman who was wronged by both her husband and her best friend.

I agree with you on that. Hi Simi, so you see the resemblance too, huh? She was a schoolteacher and well versed in history. You have truly come a long way from your days of ripping off Hollywood stories. Wilfred Okiche is a medic, reader, writer, journalist, culture critic, and occasional edl of feathers.


Don’t leave without saying something Cancel reply Enter your comment here Edit Details Official Movirs The story originates in the past but ultimately connects the past to the movkes. So great to see them starring in movies and making a name for themselves. I am a huge fan of his work. Well done to Frank Rajah Arase. Thank God he realised. If you Know to Think well,you will Know how to thank God.

They had to have been sisters in another life. He just nails it on and on. The film is best digested as a fantastical trip through time and a contemplation of the historic traditions of the old Benin Empire.

Iyore (The Return)

It called for a lot of rewinding and it was too much of an effort to follow the story. He was also blessed with three virgins whose only plight in life was to live and die for the throne. The two fought and Osarugwe accidentally killed him and Azuwa made a bold movie and took the blame for it. Raj FilmsHeroes Productions Country: The arc between Osarugwe and Eweka especially suffers short shrift and the tension explodes iyre instead of igniting to a slow burn. Wait ooooo na only una dey social media??????

I feel, for a person who was both a descendant and a reincarnation, we should have been given more than we got about her. But it is still typical Nollywood fare. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Iyore – Wikipedia

Share this Rating Title: Let person hear word there old woman na me know pass As Osarugwe continued her study of history she discovered an eerie connection to her ancestors of the Benin Kingdom.

In this narration, a maiden queen shares a forbidden passion with a foolish warrior that ends in bloodshed. Maybe the filmmakers should have shot the scenes that mobies place in the past in black and white.


The production was hype. They are star crossed lovers united once again, after a series of tragic events that would haunt their love affair from inception, right till the end of time. When she discovered she was pregnant she attempted to flee the land with the prince in fear of being killed.

Special effects do fine work until they have to stage a lightning scene that just comes off silly. Their love is jyore theme that drives this story, hence giving us the reason for all the commotion we see in the beginning of the story.

He is an icon indeed. The best apology is Changed behavior.

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But they also deserve to be told excellently, and Iyore is too flawed to be taken seriously, its screenplay, too clunky to fly. Ditto the underlying mystery. There is the aged lovers, Osarugwe and Eweka, Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjaminthen in a series of flash back scenes, the mogies of their romance is traced to when big iyorre Osarugwe was a young wife, teaching History at the local high school, and married to another.

I just love this movie enjoyed all the actors.

iyore Apologies

I love traditional African movies. She and Jackie are both so beautiful. In essence, the characters of the present were reincarnations of their ancestors. Yes, Okawa is definitely an up and coming actress and I hope to see more of her as well.

The bloody trail of Somewhere in Africa and the legendary Benin Kingdom arisen from her depths in Iyore. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Prince Eweka – Azuwa Rita Dominic