The citizens accept then to extend the period of protection. Still, being very amenable and wanting to please Tom, Grace agrees. All the way up to the incredibly satisfying finale. Honestly, Tom, you’ve done it again. Even the wind dropped, leaving the town in an unfamiliar calm. According to von Trier, the point of the film is that “evil can arise anywhere, as long as the situation is right”.

British Board of Film Classification. His theory is that if they will only accept her into there hearts, they will all be the better for it. When the mobsters finally arrive, they are welcomed cordially by Tom and an impromptu committee of other townspeople. Tom, who has become aware that the mobsters pose a threat to himself and the town, is momentarily remorseful, but rapidly descends into rationalization for his actions. Grace is then freed by the indignant henchmen, and her true identity is revealed: Retrieved 1 February — via Google Books. Eva Ermenz as body double.

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists. Sune Myrfalk as body double.

Dogville () plot summary

They give her several days off work, and lighten the regular insults and abuses. American director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino has named the film as one of the 20 best to have been released during the time of his active career as a director; [29] he said that if it had been written for the stage, von Trier would have won a Pulitzer Prize. As they talk, the gangsters approach the town, and Tom quickly hides Grace in the nearby mine. For its exuberance and its difference, its fine performances and its devastating finale, Dogville is essential viewing.


Who do you think you are? Jan 9, Full Review…. The town agrees that they must not let her escape again.

Sep 26, Full Review…. The situation escalates and degenerates until Grace is regularly raped and used as slave labor. Grace is now wanted for participation in a bank robbery. Cynthia Almeida as body double. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Yet remarkably it remains dramatically engaging and involving the whole way through. Tom asks the woman, whose name is Grace, to stick around. Does he do this to try and fool himself and others into thinking he can see, or does he genuinely love light?

Already have an account? Dogville is a secluded, small, and poor town that decides to take in a fugitive named ” Grace ” who is on the run from gangters.

The New York Times. Miles Purinton as Jason. Grace is accepted for two weeks in which, as Tom explains to her after the meeting, she must gain the friendship and synopssi of the townspeople.

This culminates in a late night general assembly in which Grace—following Tom’s suggestion—relates calmly all that she has endured from everyone in town, then heads back to her shack. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jun 3, Rating: Grace tells the gangsters to make Vera watch her children die, as punishment for destroying her figurines, stating that she “owes her that. The gang boss turns out to be her father, and after a fascinating discussion and internal debate, Grace decides once and for all to remove Dogville from the world.

En route, she is raped by Ben, after which the truck lumbers only to return Grace to Dogville.


This films stands as criticism to these horrible times we are living in and a clear picture that everything we do is never really good enough.

The story of Dogville is narrated by John Hurt in nine chapters and takes place on a stage with minimalist scenery.

What is the purpose of this calm before the storm? Ben Gazzara as Jack McKay.

Dogville Movie Review Summary

Later, Dogville was named one of the greatest films of its sybopsis in The Guardian[24] The List[25] Paste[26] and other publications.

Observant, that’s what I am. Fragments of Tragedy in Postmodern Film. For things named Dogtown, see Dogtown disambiguation. Click on a plot link to find similar books! It most certainly suceeds in that, and that is just one of the many great achievements of this marvellous independently spirited film.

Lars von TrierLinda Daae. This refers to her goading Jack McKay into admitting that he is blind. A challenging piece of experimental filmmaking. The next evening she is confronted again by Vera, Liz and Martha in her shack. These elements come together to form a movie that is clinically ironic but also unique, inspired, and quite synopsiz. Movies I ppot watched. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site.