It must be time that the sync happens some seconds before DCF77 can emit the same data. Please sign in first. I have ruled out the aerial location in my very hot loft so it must be atmospherics. The duration of the reduction is varied to convey one bit of time code per second, repeating every minute. For our circuit, a logic “1” would mean an amplitude dip. HKW left, Arduino right:

September 30, at Either on the internet or buy one of the many books on antenna design. I am not to much into hardware. If reception is good, the function will therefore return true at the start of every new minute. With this information, the decoding of the DCF77 signal becomes straightforward. Under poor reception conditions you have no guaranteed minimum startup time no matter what. I have a MSF driven casio watch. Long wave transmitters have the advantage that the signal more easily bypasses obstacles, such as buildings and mountains.

Retrieved 11 October Do you mean that during the day you experience fading or noise? February 24, 14 Comments. There may be acceptable low power devices that the authorities would condone, but my guess is compliance testing would cost many orders of magnitude more than the device itself.

Synchronizing time with DCF77 and MSF60

I have a large number of DCF77 clocks and they are all fed off 1 10cm aerial in my loft rcf77 a simple logic gate repeater circuit. Awesome Experiments, awesome knowledge, awesome sharing!

I do not know myself too Arduino programming. Time fluctuations are influenced directly by the changing altitude of the reflecting and bending layer of the ionosphere. Most modules are designed to work with pullups. A bit strange to have a neighbor in San Francisco with a heating control that uses a German radio to set the time.

Maybe you replace this code by something that hard codes your pin and see if this improves the situation.


The antenna should therefore be positioned with care. To avoid everyone having to setup a audio file generator to test this I uploaded a test file. For the moment I can not have the time using your programs unless I use A5 that worksbut I happen to have qatch time using the program InternalClockSync Thijs Elenbaas. The chip sequence is generated by a 9-bit linear feedback shift register LFSRrepeats every second, and begins with ….

In addition a rubidium atomic clock is available on site. Even parity over minute bits 21— With a DSO I can see that everything is accurate to 1 ms.

Name Description R If 1, this time code comes from the reserve antenna A1 Announcement of “Daylight Saving Time”, set from one hour before the status changes Z1 1 if daylight saving time is active Z2 0 if daylight saving time is active complement of Z1 A2 Announcement of a leap second, set from one hour before the status changes S Start-bit, always 1.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Wafch and Privacy Policy. Maybe it’s not legal in your country to watcb this file. Find the best price on Citizen watches in our online shop.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Download of the generator tested on Windows and Linux: A few month ago I presented my projectwhere I received the radio signal of the time signal radio station DCF77 with just a notebook and an antemna piece of a headphone cable.

Maybe a log during the cdf77 and another one during the night? Ususally a radio controlled clock only syncs every few hours. My implementation works of course well with lower bandwidth. Adding an RTC to my clock is somewhat useless.

In which area can the DCF77 time signal be received?

The receiver module of the clock interprets the generated carrier of the sound card as original DCF77 signal and tries to decode it. HKW offers lots of different modules and several different choices of antennas.


However the capacitor is an smd capacitor soldered cdf77 the board. If it is poor then all stages will be slow to lock. Maybe I will once create one. At Ebay you can still find Arduino designs with crystal. It has nothing to do with my library.

No Signal For Your Radio-Controlled Watch? Just Make Your Own Transmitter

Furthermore, the carrier phase time and the states of the second markers are compared in Braunschweig with the setpoints specified by the PTB’s ajtenna master clocks that provide the UTC PTB. We can’t be held responsible if your project does not work the way you expect.

Do you really use ALL of the other pins? If you are interested in local timeyou can ignore the first 17 seconds in the timecode.

I am aware of his approach. Everywhere else the library deals only with 1 kHz or 1 Hz signals which are derived from the 1 kHz Generator. Although it has a different focus precision instead of noise tolerance I will look a little bit into the details.

I did not try them though since my software solution did not require this at all. I connected it as described in the datasheet amtenna my module. That is they will offer more gain. You may find it funny to set your watch to the time you want, but your neighbours heating control may not. He just uses javascript on a PC and earphones for this hack!