Listen to them in your class and watch the clips of the songs following the links: The didn’t have conscience or simply a rational thought. And I think the movie can learn that we can live with any kind of person is the color it is. He is a person that he fought for his dream and do the best that he can do. About Invictus, i thing many thingh. The character I’ve liked the most is Nelson Mandela. The women of this film aren’t important because don’t have any important rule.

This film has taught me a better person. Get some help in these websites: I would like to discuss forgiveness and reconciliation. Nelson Mandela has had a fascinating life full of events which have changed the course of History. In the movie teaches us a good example of partnership. It fits well with a team that is facing a trial.

These three men lived in the 20th Century, in different countries and they fought to make a better world.

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Wow, I love this discussion! Who do you think about Nelson Mandela? When Mandela first met with Pienaar, they discussed leadership.

Especially the way they had to behave whites with blacks, telling them to discriminate for example, that Mandela would do it wrong. But this is because I’ve lived all my life in Spain, then there ped no reason for anyone to discriminate me. Give reasons for your answer!

I think Mansela’s life has been a really amazing life! In the film demonstrate clearly, still that they have different colors, but share the same passion i invicgus, which is sports or others things. He shared that poem with Pienaar.

They had to learn to forgive and forget. For me Nelson Mandela is one of the most important people in the world, has make the world better with their peaceful struggle. He is cineema absolutely good person with all the people, and he just wants the peace in his country and the reconciliation. What was the situation for the blacks during these years?


An other thing related with racism and that appears in the film is apartheid. Feel free to express your own opinions honestly and agree or disagree with previous comments. The idea of ihvictus the master of one’s fate, and captain of one’s soul, was a powerful concept for Mandela through his years of imprisonment.

I think that the women caracter it’s normal, there isn’t represented, it’s not an important aspect in the context. In spite of the whole people who says nivictus him that it vinema not do it because it it does not go to get and bearing in mind that to past many years in the jail, he follows forward with his intention and finally it obtains it.

As the team trained and played, slowly the whole nation began to consolidate around this underdog team.


Did it help you? Caoutar, you weren’t born in Spain. My favorite character in this film is Nelson Mandela, because it demonstrates that it is very brave for several things: All people make mistakes, bigger setudiants smaller, but people need to learn how to forgive. I admire people who still wants to change the world, and I think he is one of a few.

My favourite character of the film is Mandela, because I believe that is the character the transmitting more to the viewers and I like a lot of the interpretation of Morgan Freeman. One plays the sport in esutdiants, but always one is to give the first step and to guide to others. These examples suggest that with effort and believe in your team all you can get.


In the movie teaches us a good example of partnership.

It is the nation, so bitterly divided, that must show the world a new way of people living together. I agree with Coral and Cautar, my favourite character is Nelson Mandela too, because is a good man who wants reconcile the population, beating clashes. My favorite character in this films is Nelson Mandela because I think that is te most good person of the film. Write down 3 ideas he mentions incictus the clip. Both men believed in leading by example.


The character I’ve liked the most is Nelson Mandela. If you want, you can publish your review in the school magazine or in your personal blog. I like Mandela because he strives fulfill his ideas, and this is positive.

All the people in the world should have the inbictus rights and the same opportunities. Have you ever had to forgive someone?

You’re writing to a Nobel Prize person! In Invictus, the conflicted character is the entire nation of South Africa. About Invictus, i thing many thingh.