Momina Duraid, Shahzad Kashmiri Writer: One evening Irtiza finds Saba sleeping on the couch, he puts a blanket on her and observes her sleeping, soon Saba wakes up, and politely smiles at him, Irtiza looks deep into her eyes and holds her hands, which makes Saba very uncomfortable! He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza! Great job by the fledgling Paki film industry i. Mahira Khan is stellar, but ‘Bin Roye’ is sob fest”. Whole movie is filmed in two homes in Pakistan and for one they force you to assume its America.

Abida Parveen , Zeb Bangash. Retrieved 9 October Bringing drama to the movies”. Saba happily participates in all wedding rituals, however Saba loses all patience when she finally sees Saman and Irtiza making their wedding vows. Suggestion must watch this movie at-least one time you will amaze by songs too. One day Irtiza loses his patience and forces Saba to come downstairs to his room. After a while Irtiza and Saman go back to America and settle there for sometime. Director has done a very good work.

And as per the latest news, the girl has bagged a major role in an upcoming Shah Rukh Khanmovie too which is nothing short of a life-time opportunity in her rising film career indeed. On the whole just an OK movie, which surely have been a great movie but the director seems to be confused that either it’s a drama for HUM TV or a silver screen movie. In an interview she explained, ” Bin Roye the drama has the same cast as in the movie, but things which were not included in movie from the novel will be seen in drama.

Irtiza soon realises that Saba is angry with him due to the dramq, Irtiza talks with Saba and reasons with her! It is basically a Pakistani drama turned into a movie.


This bbin course needs further improvement, but excellent progress in such a short span of time. Retrieved from ” https: However a great watchable movie. Direction is also bad, editing was pathetic however location in this movie are quite good and thats the only good point i found. Instory was published as a novel by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers. We need more movies like this.

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Both in quality and the sheer numbers of films made. Irtiza’s concern for Saba starts growing and he decides to take matters in his own hands, one day he goes to America for a business trip and goes to meet the husband there, where he sees him with his wife and children! An example for those who thinks without item numbers and vulgar scenes- a movie can’t be made. I am here with you! Mahira khan’s stunning beauty and admirable flawless acting, all team members are well fitted in there characters and all have well played there characters.

Mahira has done a brilliant job and unexpectedly Humayun Saeed has also done his part right.

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Retrieved 19 July Strangely Saba accepts this, and tells him that she is absolutely fine with rohe arrangement and that she will not be telling her parents about it, which gets the man quite confused. The family tell Irtiza that Saba should also go along with him! And tells him point anzoo that she does not want to see his face, and why is that so hard for him to understand? The story then follow Saba’s obsession with Irtaza, and his marriage with her sister Saman.


The film was released worldwide on 18 Julythe day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Shooting was extensively done in Karachiwith some chunks being shot in parts of CaliforniaUnited States. Anxoo can see everyone loved Mahira Khan’s acting but to me she has the same style of ajsoo everywhere which sometimes makes it a bit monotonous. Soon Saba’s grandmother gets sick due to seeing Saba in such a state, she tells Saba to get married to Irtiza, Saba agrees to the marriage half-heartedly! The next morning Saba feels guilty about what she said about Saman, and apologises to her Grandma.

Saman closely observes Saba enjoying and dancing in the rain, and suddenly it hits her that even Irtiza loves the rain a lot! Story line is really good and acting is the real strength of the movie. As such, this movie provides an excellent opportunity and platform to grow further and build upon.

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Its a complete movie with emotions, drama and thrill all along the minutes of the movie. You told me you will be home by the evening! Of course, in a series of 20 episodes, a lot changes.

Why did she come here to ruin her life! Saba orye that post-graduate studies is important for his career and agrees for him to go. Of course, Bin Roye was just 1 hour and 58 minutes, so you will get to see a lot more intricacies in this.