Vidya obliges, and Dr. Raghav asks Vidya to promise him never to leave Sagar. An unrelenting Sindoora then drags Sagar away but Raghav slaps her! Because of the impact, the money inside the suitcase gets flung under the cupboard. The wedding rituals begin, when it starts pouring heavily. Kartik is an incorrigible womaniser and even flirts with his sister-in-law Chandra. Chandra and Mahua too give him an ultimatum to choose between Vidya and them. Meanwhile, Mahua tells Kartik that she would like to get pregnant, so he pretends to be worried about getting a child like Sagar.

She decides to use it to phone Vidya. After Vidya goes away, Sindoora praises him. The man at the telephone booth disconnects the phone and demands Rs. One of the women then taunts Vidya that having a village girl as a daughter-in-law gets you a good cook as well as good maid! Vidya enters the house and seeks Sindooras blessings but she and her sisters walk away. Raghav breaks down before her.

Later, as punishment, Hema goes to scald Vidyas face with a burnt log but Kaushalya warns Hema that it is her husbands house that they were living in!

Raghav asks epidode to accept the truth about Sagars marriage. Just then, he collapses and asks Vidya to get a specific medicine from the box. Vidya replies that one does not become a maid by cooking in ones own house!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Hema informs Vidya that Kaushalya had transferred the house in her name. Hema scolds Kaushalya, and Kaushalya actually finds some more money later in the shirt. 2000


Vidya prays to God to let her speak to her mother. Harsh, who is nearby, overhears and is shocked to realise the truth! Hema demands to know from Vidya where she had gone, so Kaushalya replies that she had gone to fetch medicines for her.

Sagar promises to spy on Vidya and a triumphant Sindoora permits him to. Vidya requests Sagar to cremate his father but he runs away scared to Sindoora. He thanks her for accepting Sagar without asking any questions. When Kaushalya asks Raghav to seek Sagars opinion first, he assures her that nobody could disapprove of Vidya. Sindoora 2200 her father to pack his bags immediately because they will return to Delhi immediately!

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Vidya sees Radhas mother feeding her disabled husband. Vidya tells Raghav that she will return with him as dpisode daughter-in-law and never betray his trust.

Kaushalya phones Vidya and Sagar answers the phone. On the other hand, the priest gives Raghav and Uma a list of the prospective brides. Vidya and Radha are shocked to see the ruffian Harsh Puneet Vashisht return to their town. On the other hand, Raghav informs Vidya that there were a few members of his family whom she should know about.

Sindoora and her sisters humiliate Vidya by saying that the food is too oily and spicy. Just then Sagar asks what happened to their father.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 2 – video dailymotion

Uma leaves the room and Sindoora feeds different medicine from the one prescribed to Sagar. On the other hand, Vidya thanks God for the happiness bestowed on her. Vidya goes up to Sagar and promises him that never to leave him alone again.


Uma denies it but Sindoora tells everyone that she had trapped her father for wealth and then killed him!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Episode

Sagar goes happily trotting with the anklets and Chandra sees him. Uma asks Sagar to let Vidya stay in his room because she is his wife. Sinha that Uma refuses to come out, so Vidya volunteers to talk to her. Sindoora accuses Uma of indeed being a stepmother because she had refused to heed her advice not to episofe her son, Sagar, married.

Raghav and Uma come to Harish’s house and inform Kaushalya that they want Vidya’s hand in marriage for their son Sagar. Shalu tells her mother that because Raghav and Uma accepted Vidya in spite of knowing she is illiterate, Sagar surely must be a boy of vices!

Sagar quietly heeds Sindoora. The wedding rituals begin, when it starts pouring heavily.

Raghav warns her not to create any more obstacles in Sagars wedding, or he would disown her!