Also I’m adding usagi drop to the list. Guys are tied up. Muv-Luv alternative Total eclipse F: D Now give me one! Why would they make those changes? I love those two anime. What you have to understand is that most of SAO hasn’t even been made yet, there’s about 11 light novels out now with more on the way which compromise about 4 story arcs, the first 25 episodes only cover the first 2 of those, there’s various side stories too.

Yesterday I watched the first episode of Witchcraft Works Total eclipse Code geass. Level 2 Forum Warrior Hate Lord. I’m on the fence about calling it so. Not sure how the event keeps changing and resetting, but I’m sure I’ll find out in time. B but I wouldn’t rewatch FMA. Log Horizon’s 14th episode just made the whole series worth watching.

The first arc is focused on the MC, while arc 2 is focused around the twin sister of a epiode character. Onwards to next Saturday! And Little Busters confuses me still. I’m posting it up here so we can all share my reaction when I read the series description.

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I’m gunna to look around for about an hour. SAO 2 is confirmed Here is to hoping it does not suck nearly as bad as season 2 It was clear that they were going to cover that arc from the novels, I know it’s going to be awesome and like before, overrated as hell. Mirai Nikki FMA doesn’t actually follow the manga, making it essentially fan-fiction. Ajimewaffles for the Phantom and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun for your consideration cheers ko6.


But they try to live their lives anyway.

I think the manga for Little Busters is short Recommended Some I’ve watched a bit: I need new one: Read the review on MAL, and I think it seems interesting. Chuunibyou demo Koi englissh Shitai!

Without anime there is Awesomeness. You couldn’t care less because you have no fun in your life! How CAN I spoil anything? Back on topic then.

Astarotte no omocha episode 1 english – BuzzTMZ

On the subject of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Now go and watch FMA: Moonphase B Gata H Kei My ordinary life Kamisama dolls somehow slipped through the cracks and didn’t get posted till now So I can’t play H Since it’s a short list I’ll give you guys some bonus shows that aren’t from my list. I ani,ewaffles I’ll try it out more.

Lol It’s a must watch. My personal faves are some of the lesser known ones.

Astarotte no omocha episode 1 english

See you in a week. I have heard of Spice and Wolf, is it on Netflix or on Hulu?


It’s the burner I see the most. My all time favorite anime. I’m impatient as HELL when it comes to the next episode.

B follows the storyline all the way including how the series ends. I mean, I’m still trying to digest all that epic plot twist I’m starting to have the urges of watching them again. Most of them filled with 20 mins of individual characters staring impossibly hard at each other before a 20 second fight. I would rage if I don’t find it in dub.

Might watch that too.