The members of the Amaluna cast and crew represent 17 different nationalities. The tail features 12 two-meter pleated polyester voile panels with sunray pleats bias-cut knife pleats, narrower at the top than at the bottom, producing a flared effect , printed with white peacock feather designs. The musicians share the stage with acrobats at times, which combines perfectly with the energy of the score. Taking his cues from the natural world, especially from forests and plant life, Scott has created an environment that is both immersive and open, with plenty of space for dramatic rituals and ceremonies as well as acrobatic performances. Her costume expresses her enthusiasm and thirst for discovery. The American said she started training in circus acts when she was 16 years old. Name labels hang from the fabrics in bright colours and eccentric fabrics that make up the costumes for the show.

She then worked on various shows, where she was responsible for materials research, fittings and artistic quality control. Assistant head of wardrobe Patsy Boulais, right, applies the finishing touches by hand after removing the make up cast. The couple must face numerous demanding trials and overcome daunting setbacks before they can achieve mutual trust, faith and harmony. Armitage was awarded France’s most prestigious award in , Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. A weekly shopping list includes litres of milk, eggs, 10kg coffee – and 4kg of cookies. Backstage at Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna e-mail One acrobat is catapulted into the air by the force of one of his team. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My daughter, on the other hand, prefers Jingle Bells! The Big Top seats more than 2, people and requires a team of membres 60 people to raise it. She uses her powers sometimes to help and sometimes to hinder the young lovers in their challenge-filled quest for happiness. Many of the garments are equipped with pads and other removable parts — the wearers might, for example, remove the sleeves and keep their doublets on, or remove the doublets altogether and perform in their shirts.


My daughter had a wonderful time. The empty Royal Albert Hall looks fantastic drenched in orange and purple during a sound and light check ahead of the show. It was important to Scott that the forest should be seen to be hand-crafted, however there was no attempt to disguise its components as anything actually membres in nature — nothing has acst given a patina to look like wood, for example.

There are branches in sections — 90 in the canopy and 84 upstage — making a total of 1. We then offer you a glimpse at how the space – and artists – transform once the curtain goes up.

The acrobatic winch in the centre of the Carousel can lift up to 1, lbs at 10 feet per second.

Full Cast & Crew

Cali Half-lizard, half-human, all jealous, Cali has known Miranda all her life and although she thinks of him only as a pet, he is in love with her. Amaluna is a touring show by Cirque casf Soleilcreated and directed by Diane Paulus. During the intense drama of the storm, for example, the lighting casts the shadows of the branchlike canopy onto the surface of the Big Top to create a momentary feeling of heightened danger.

Ms Boulais selects one of the costumes from the carefully organised clothes rack as the backstage work continues. Upstage, the vegetation grows closer to the ground, forming a tunnel-like grotto. Cirque Tweets by Cirque.

The Immortal World Tour Amaluna – Press Kit. It resembles a giant, clear gemstone set in a ring of stylized organic shapes that resemble a vortex captured in time. Sarah, pictured showing off her finished make-up, left, and her costume, right, said it can be challenging to live on the road. The Big Top stands 19 meters 62 feet high, 51 meters feet in diameter and is supported by four masts, each 25 82 feet meters tall.

Contortionist Anudari Ganbat, 21, from Mongolia, pictured in rehearsal, has been performing mfmbers she was just csst years old. Portuguese, Russian and more.


What is it like to celebrate the Holidays in a multicultural environment?

Her costume expresses her enthusiasm and thirst for discovery. Retrieved from ” https: He says that from his teens he always had a strong drive to succeed and an equally strong desire to entertain. A uni-cyclist strikes a pose as she rehearses her act on the mesmerising stage inside the Royal Albert Hall. Bass, drums, amaaluna, vocals, keyboards, percussion support the guitars in delivering a direct music without embellishment.

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Amaluna is the first Cirque du Soleil show with an all-female group of musicians. Aerial acrobat of the uneven bars, Marissa King, stretches backstage as another cast member practises juggling behind. Parents of Army veteran with PTSD who committed suicide say the father of two was targeted by prison inmates running a ‘sextortion’ scam Future of controversial US military base Diego Garcia hangs in the balance after UN rules the Indian Ocean archipelago was illegally seized in the s by Britain and should give be given back to Mauritius The rise and fall of George Pell: What is your favorite Holiday song?

The twenty-seven-year-old contortionist performs a challenging hand-balancing routine then glides into a membera bowl and cats through the water as her dashing suitor Romeo watches on. Newsletter” is not affiliated in any way mrmbers Cirque du Soleil.

We are all invited to each of these celebrations. Cast and Crew The cast of Amaluna comprises 48 artists.

Then the inhabitants of Amaluna revel themselves in a pageant of peacock colours and lights, rich burnished golds and noble materials.

What are the challenges and what membegs you like the most? This allows for greater attention to the performers.